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Hanuman Mantra

Each new beginning -with the advent of dawn turning to aurora and then to day light triggers am aesthetic curiosity for this mahamantra and its divine powers hidden in it. Reason being that although since time immemorial this mahamntra has existed, but the source is yet to discovered -as to from where this mahamantra originated. Henceforth such wonderment and quirkness is inevitable and distinct in its own way. Lets gain a deeper insight for this Mahamantra. This ambient mantra has its derivation from the saints residing and gaining salvation in the arms of natural beauty of the Himalayas. Today with the bestowed blessings of our Saints we have the honour to absorb and use this sacred Mahamantra in our dynamic and ever changing life. Their divine energies encircle up around the globe and portrays to us - a glimpse of heaven.

Inspite of this earthly world being shattered with shoe karmas, yet with the blessings of our masters we have been able to cope up with the negativities surrounded around us. Here comes the role of this mahamantra which helps you evolve at the soul level and reach the tipping point of enlightenment and taste salvation . . since the antediluvian period lord hanuman has been gifted with the miraculous and mesmerizing powers by the universe and our planets around us. The mythological belief for lord hanuman being that he possessed supernatural powers in and around him and if any given day he wishes to turn the tides then it can cause grievous dangers and disasters to humanity and the world around the globe. So lets visualize the vibrant energy field lord Hanuman carries around him. All regards to the divine being who gave birth to Lord Hanuman.

Now forget your worries if your horoscope shows that you have Kalasarpa yoga. It is believed that 400 years ago when Goswami Tulsidas had translated Ramayana into avdhi language . . during these 400 years all those who read and preached Ramcharitmanas have attained salvation. To add to it those who read Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang ban - can resolve their hurdles and search for their solutions to respective problems. You can well imagine the powers of this Mahamantra now because it holds miraculous vibrations in it.

The mythological belief is that in ancient times this Mahamantra was used during Mahabharata when Shri Krishna devoted and fought this mantra to arjuna. Henceforth all those people who have Kalasarpa dosha should absorb this Mahabharata and take blessings from Saturn lord, lord Surya and encircle the positive vibrations of this mantra around them and spread this divine knowledge around your circle of friends and relatives. This mahamantra acts like a shield armour around you when you experience any unwanted / unexpected tragedy/ accident. To add to it, this mahamantra also removes obstructions relating to property issues, court casesm police obligations and hassles. Once this mahamantra is absorbed inside you, all your worries vanish within split of seconds you can also witness and verify by asking those people who use this mahamantra in their day to day lives. We are not pushing you to believe in superstitions, instead - we are focussing on the aspect- use it to believe it.

He veridical meaning of this mahamantra is as follows - Lord hanuman came into the physical world / earthly world from the womb of Maa Anjani, he is the rudra reincarnation of lord Shiva - so today we pray to you and we wish to reside in your warmth and vibrance.

We ask you to protect us and encircle us with your divine energies. Thankyou Lord Hanuman.

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